About us


Greenwall.pro has been carrying out research on the design, construction and maintenance of facades covered by vegetation since 2011. The company has successfully developed a facade cover system, unique in the market, that can accommodate a wide range of plants and provide an instant 100% coverage if required. The website provides information on the benefits and disadvantages of currently operating green wall systems as well as a detailed description, application guide and node design options for the greenwall.pro mounted façade cover. Our aim is to provide support for the design and to ensure that the envisaged green façade operates to an excellent and professional standard. The system, developed as a result of the close collaboration of three professions; architecture, engineering and landscape architecture, is outlined from these three perspectives together with characteristics of green façade systems.


We have a 20-year track record of specialist construction practice. The installation of our system coordinates well with other professional fields, and with careful planning up to 50-100 m2 can be constructed daily. The modules are pre-manufactured within manual handling regulations; this ensures that on site construction requires minimal work and human resources.


We guarantee the system and the plants installed by us under a maintenance contract. If the operator/owner wishes to carry this out with their staff, the guarantee requires a professional supervision element (minimum monthly engineering check-up). Without a maintenance contract, the guarantee is for one month after installation and covers quality / technical problems, the replacement of any plants that have died or are in poor condition due to construction faults.

Quality and costs

The greenwall.pro system provides unique and innovative solutions to the highest standard currently on the market at competitive prices. Over and beyond the entirely recyclable stainless steel cassettes and the aesthetically pleasing front panels, the system comes with irrigation pipework as well as the option for integrated heating and remote monitoring.